Sunday, 6 September 2015

timber wall frames

next job after the concrete was poured in March was the timber wall frames and aluminum windows. The windows have been in storage for a few months, so was good to start fitting them .

the windows are double glazed to help with our 6.5 star energy rating and were imported form china by WestChina Trading.

90 x 35 treated pine was used for the timber wall frames.

Note the electrical cables coming up through concrete slab. These are the main power supply, telephone line and data line ( to monitor the solar power system) 

Looks like timber frames are everywhere. In fact there is not a huge number of walls. We managed to make and fit all the frames in a few days. 

Photo shows front door and windows are fitted. Builders construction paper is also fitted to help with insulation. 


Corner window to bedroom, both doors slide with no corner posts.

Same window showing view to the outside.

Roof sheeting being fitted, using concealed fixing clips so that there are now fixing screws through the roof sheeting to minimise the chance of the roof leaking.

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