Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Structural steel continues

 The slow process of completing the structural steel sub floor continues. Now being June we are losing some production with wet days.  Photos show the completed sub floor steel with the much larger ( PFC230) welded to the outer perimeter of the building. Steel columns are also welded in place, twin posts at the front and single at the rear edge. Another channel will be fitted on top of these posts. Getting up there will be a challenge at 4 metres above ground and weighing about 140 kgs.

Part of the steel formwork in place for the concrete floor.

In between welding the steel frame, the concrete leech drains are put in place. Note the drainage stone being used is from recycled concrete, a very inexpensive product. 

A DIY 12volt electric winch being used to lift the top beams into place were they are then welded to the columns. The winch is from a quad bike and worked a treat! One beam is inplace and another ready for lifting.  Note the treated pine timber fixed to the top of the beam is to fit the gutter to, much easier than trying to fix to 10 mm thick steel .

Once the beams are fitted the z200 purlins will be bolted to the ring beam .

Arriving in two weeks are all the aluminium windows and doors from China, purchased through WestChina Trading

Thursday, 8 May 2014


While i' m busy welding the steel structure christine has been establishing our new garden . With the recent rains the plants should be well established over winter and will look great when we move in.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Structural steel

To acheive a similar appearance to Mies van de Rohe's farnworth house it was necessary to construct a steel subfloor upon which the concrete floor can sit. This will give the appearance of the house seemingly floating.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Gabian walls

A huge amount of rock was excavated on site and the problem of how to use it or dispose of it. It was decided to make gabian retaining walls. First a concrete footing was laid with steel supports for the mesh placed into the concrete. Next the 75mm x 50mm galvanised mesh was fitted. Then all the larger rocks needed to be broken up into smaller pieces with a jack hammer. In total about 100 metres of gabian wall need to be done.

Wall on western side of house site were the first to go in, then after backfilling
behind the concrete walls we started on the walls facing east. The last gabian
walls are around the steps near the container. 

The gabian wall on the eastern site boundary was constructed with the help of many " volunteers".
Karl, nigel & linda, darryl & cath, lilly, louie, jordan all supervised by our grand daughters bailee,sharlot & rylee.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Concrete retaining walls

Concrete retaining walls built around the sea container and along the east part of the site , about 35 cubic metres of concrete, and then 30 truckload of sand to fill behind the wall.

Filling behind the retaining walls .