Thursday, 20 February 2014

Gabian walls

A huge amount of rock was excavated on site and the problem of how to use it or dispose of it. It was decided to make gabian retaining walls. First a concrete footing was laid with steel supports for the mesh placed into the concrete. Next the 75mm x 50mm galvanised mesh was fitted. Then all the larger rocks needed to be broken up into smaller pieces with a jack hammer. In total about 100 metres of gabian wall need to be done.

Wall on western side of house site were the first to go in, then after backfilling
behind the concrete walls we started on the walls facing east. The last gabian
walls are around the steps near the container. 

The gabian wall on the eastern site boundary was constructed with the help of many " volunteers".
Karl, nigel & linda, darryl & cath, lilly, louie, jordan all supervised by our grand daughters bailee,sharlot & rylee.

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